1. 1.0: General:

  2. 2.0: Interface:

  3. 5.0: Release log:



  1. Create approximate scans of human faces.
  2. Generate 52 Facs based blendshapes.
  3. Quad topology.
  4. Multiple projected textures, including a list of active blendshades when the texture was created.
  5. Exporting in ascii-fbx.
  6. Only scans the shape of the face, not additional shapes like glasses or beards etc.


Suported devices:

  1. iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR.
  2. iPhone 11, Pro, Pro Max.
  3. iPad Pro series 3.


3D Application compatibility:

The exported asci-fbx should be compatible with all applications that support the format however the exports have been confirmed to work with these applications:
  1. Autodesk Maya.
  2. Lightwave 3D.
  3. Unity 3D.
  4. Blender. First convert from ascii fbx to binary fbx using Autodesk fbx converter.


Best practices:

  1. Hold the face and the phone still while capturing textures.
  2. Capture in bright but neutral diffuse lighting conditions.
  3. Capture multiple textures and combine them in post to deal with obscured areas.


Example files:

  1. Example scan data in .FBX: FaceScan_SampleData.rar
  2. Texture blending example in Maya : (coming soon)


1.6 How to purchase:

  1. Face Scan is free to download and try there are also example files on this page you can inspect before purchasing.
  2. Press the unlock recording duration button in the settings panel.
  3. Unlocking the app is a one time purchase and included future updates to the app.


1.7 How to restore your purchase:

  1. Press the restore purchase button in the settings panel.
  2. If you encounter any issues please use the contact form and we'll help you resolve them as soon as we can.


1.8 Mailing list:

When updates are released we send out a notification via email:
You subscribed!


2.1: Main control panel:

  1. Left/Right: Navigate through your textures.
  2. Grab: Projects and unwraps the camera feed to the active texture.
  3. Add texture: Add a new texture.
  4. Clear textures: Clear one or all textures.
  5. Export: Triggers the export process.
  6. Settings: Opens the settings panel.


2.2: Settings panel:

  1. Video Toggle: Toggles the camera feed.
  2. Unlock all features: Triggers the purchasing process to unlock the full app.
  3. Restore purchases: Restores a previously made purchase in case the app is re-installed.


Release log:

Face Scan v1.4 was released.
Overall perfomance and reliability of the app has been improved, the groundworks for future features have been built.
* A bug has been reported concerning the clear textures feature, an update is in the works.